Reading the Bible


Daily devotions train us to think differently and transform the spirit of our minds.

As we read God’s Word, we begin to see how God responds to things. Then, when we face similar situations, we begin to respond in the same way. We will be following the One Year Bible reading plan that will enable us to read the entire Bible in 15 minutes a day throughout the year.


Every year we encourage people to read through the entire Bible using the One Year Bible reading plan. (We offer these bibles for sale at our Information Desk for $15 in regular and large print.) You can do this any way that works for you. As we so often hear, "You do you." Like many other things in our lives, spiritual growth should be tailored to each individual. So pick a plan that works for you. To help you get started, here are a variety of online options of the One Year Bible reading plan:

YouVersion One Year Bible Reading Plan

One Year Bible reading plan

Download the PDF version

One Year Audio Bible

If you would like to read the Bible online, BibleGateway is a great website to do just that,


Journaling is an excellent way to record and process what God has spoken to us. Without writing it down, you may forget those blessings and some very important lessons! While journaling is a very personal time with the Lord, you may want to share some of your daily journaling with your Small Group or mentors. Through discussion, you may be able to look deeper into what God is speaking to you, gain new insight and even encourage others. Click HERE for a worksheet to aid you in your journaling process.

You can also purchase a journal to help you keep track of what God is speaking to you. If you prefer to keep simple and inexpensive a spiral notebook will work just fine.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They create videos, podcasts, and study guides that explore the Bible’s unified story. The resources at The Bible Project are a great addition to any Bible reading plan. To learn more click the link below.

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