Summer Camp Information Guide 2022

    Jun 2, 2022 | by Elijah Garcia

    Summer Camp Information Guide

    Summer Camp Information:

    SENIOR HIGH Camp Dates: June 27-30, 2022
    For Students Currently in 9th-12th Grade
    Cost: $275 (Cost goes up to $300 on June 1, 2022)
    Registration Deadline: June 16, 2022 (or until sellout)
    Campground capacity is 250 (leaders and students). We will sell out! We strongly
    encourage you to register for camp as soon as possible.
    JUNIOR HIGH Camp Dates: July 18-21, 2022
    For Students 6th - going into 9th Grade
    Cost: $275 (Cost goes up to $300 on June 22, 2022)
    Registration Deadline: July 1, 2022 (or until sellout)
    Campground capacity is 250 (leaders and students). We will sell out! We strongly
    encourage you to register for camp as soon as possible.
    Evangelical Christian Center
    574 Ashford Center Road Ashford, CT 06278

    Important SNEMN Camp Information
    Please take time to read this section.
    Questions about Camp? Call the Youth Dept. at: 508-248-3711, Ext. 729
    You Must Register through SNE Online Applications. No Walk-ins!
    CAMP LOCATION: 574 Ashford Center Road, Ashford, CT 06278

    Instructions and General Information!
    1. Registrations & payments must be completed through the SNE Summer Camp
    Online Registrations available at by the marked
    2. Camp fees include lodging, meals and recreational activities.
    3. We encourage campers to register early to assure them a place at camp. All
    registrations are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    4. Arrival/Check-in time is 1:00-3:00PM.
    5. Departure Time is Thursday 12:00PM (Please be prompt).
    6. Facilities: All campers will stay in supervised dorms/cabins. Dorms/cabins are not
    air conditioned.
    7. Phones: Camper’s are requested not to call home unless there is an emergency.
    Permission to use the camp phone must be approved by the Camp Director.
    Incoming calls are also discouraged unless there is an emergency. In case of an
    emergency, you may leave a message by calling the camp at 860-429-2743 or
    the SNE Student Ministries Cell phone at 860-580-6650.

    • Please Note: Any prescription drugs brought to camp must be in their original bottle. No
    over-the-counter drugs allowed! These are provided at camp. Students who have special
    healthcare needs will need to fill out both the “Special Healthcare Needs” and Medication
    Authorization forms. (Please see last page).

    • General Camp Rules

    1. Campers are under the authority of the camp staff during their stay at camp.
    2. Campers are not permitted to leave the camp unless a written request by a
    parent/legal guardian is presented at registration.
    3. Campers must stay in their rooms after “Lights Out.” Any camper caught outside
    after this time without a proper reason will be sent home.
    4. Housing will be assigned by gender at birth.
    5. Campers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all
    times and to attend all scheduled activities.
    6. Use and possession of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or other illegal contents is strictly
    7. No profanity, disrespectful or crude conversation is to be used.
    8. Keep your room clean. Room checks will be done during morning Chapel
    9. Respect other camper’s belongings.
    10. Do not damage or deface any camp property. If something is broken, report it
    immediately. Unnecessary damage will be charge to the person(s) responsible. If
    the guilty person(s) cannot be found, the cost of the repair will be shared by each
    camper in the room.
    11. Check Out at the end of the week at the registration table. Each camper will be
    free to go home AFTER their room has been cleaned and approved by the Camp

    • Campers should understand that violations of camp rules may result in disciplinary
    action, the contact of their parent/legal guardian with the possibility of being sent home and
    forfeiting their camp fee.

    What To Bring:
    1. Modest Attire - T-shirts and shorts are acceptable. No tank tops or midriffs
    permitted. Shorts must be “finger tip” length from the knee. If you are not
    appropriately dressed, you will be sent back to your room to change.
    2. Extra Clothing.
    3. Clothes that can get dirty. Some games can get messy.
    4. One-Piece Swimsuits Only
    5. Sleeping Bag or sheets, blankets and pillow
    6. Towels
    7. Flashlight
    8. Bible & Notebook
    9. Personal Care Items: Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
    10. Spending Money
    11. Rain Gear
    12. Sneakers
    13. Bug Spray

    What NOT To Bring:
    1. Electronic Games
    2. Firearms / Fireworks
    3. Tobacco
    4. Cell Phones
    5. Illegal Drugs
    6. Knives or Weapons
    7. Over-the-Counter Drugs
    8. Pornography
    9. Expensive Jewelry
    10. Revealing Clothes

    From Camp Director: Chris Hurtado,
    “I wanted to make you aware of an additional form the State of Connecticut requires
    for all campers who will need to be administered medication while at camp. We ask
    that you print and complete the form attached in the link below. You will need one for
    each prescribed medicine. Please note that it does require a signature by the
    medication prescriber and it needs to be returned to Chris Hurtado ( )
    as soon as possible.”
    Authorization for the Administration of Medication:
    Does your child keep an EpiPen, inhaler or other necessary medications in the time
    of an emergency? If so, please complete the following form and return to Chris Hurtado
    ( ) as soon as possible.

    Special Health Care Needs:

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

    Thank you and we look forward to summer camp!

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