Serve Day 2022

July 16, 2022 9:00am

Address: Cornerstone Church, 1146 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT US 06410

Contact: Janine Mahan e


JULY 16, 2022

Serve Day is an amazing opportunity to bless others and to be blessed as we go out into our communities to show the love of Christ through real and tangible ways. We urge everyone who calls Cornerstone their church to get involved this year.

We also encourage Small Group Leaders to think about a project their group will get involved with this year.  They can also choose a project of their own and register their group’s project with us for Serve Day. If you are not part of a Small Group this summer, there are plenty of Serve Day projects to participate in and we would love for you to join us.

This year we have more than a dozen ways that you can serve. We need people with skills in painting, planting, and people who can sweep, clean, and organize. Whatever your skill or ability we can use you to make a difference by serving our community.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Rich at

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Common Questions


    Serve Day is our annual outreach event that happens every Summer.  It is an exciting opportunity for us, the local church, to go into our communities and love our neighbors. This summer, whether through a Small Group or by joining a Serve Day project, come be a part of serving our communities and sharing the love of Jesus through simple, practical acts of kindness.

  2. Can I PLAN A SERVE PROJECT with my small group or others?

    Yes! If you or a small group you are connected with would like to do a project here are some steps you can take. First, get creative! Assess the needs of people in your neighborhood or in your local community and plan a project that meets those needs. Check out our list of ideas and other options from local service organizations for ways to get involved. If you are planning a project, please let us know!! Email Pastor Rich at .

  3. WHAT time should I arrive on saturday and how long will it be?

    We ask that participants arrive at the church no later than 8:15 a.m. We meet at the church, sign in, grab a Serve Day T-Shirt, pray and head out to our projects.


    Bring any personal items you may need during your project: Serve Day T-shirt, sunscreen, drinking water, sneakers, a hat, etc. Our project leaders can confirm any project-specific items you may need to bring: gloves, rakes, lawnmowers, tarps, work tools, etc. Work clothes are a good idea for serve opportunities requiring physical labor, and we recommend not wearing jewelry.


    If your Serve Day project is outside, we will plan a rain date for those projects. If your project is indoors, we will plan to meet and serve those projects. If you are working with your small group, you could have an alternative available. Some possibilities include visiting a nursing home, serving at a local service organization, or cleaning classrooms at a local school.


    If you have any questions you can reach out to Pastor Rich at  or to Janine Mahan at .

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Serving Opportunities

Below are a list of projects for our upcoming serve day. The number of people are estimates. We may need more or less depending on the number of people signing up. Some of them require specific skills, others do not. We want to encourage you to sign up for a specific assignment. If you are open to anything, please let us know that as well. Also please keep in mind that we may need to move people around according to the needs. Please be flexible and open to switch as need arises. Thank you!!

Highland Elementary School (10 - 12 people)

490 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410 Landscaping, general clean up around the school. 

Naugatuck Home  (10 people)

Yard Work, small repairs, clean gutters, replace railings.  May require climbing ladders and carpentry skills.

Darcey Elementary School (10 - 12 people)

1686 Waterbury Road; Cheshire, CT. Mulching, planting, weeding. General clean up around the building. Tree trimming.

Cheshire Police & Animal Control:  (6 People)

500 Highland Avenue Cheshire, CT. Planting flowers, weeding property, planting flowers at the animal control.

Hamden Home (6 People)

92 Central Ave. Hamden, CT.  This is the home of a widower who needs help around the house. Yard work, window washing, weeding, basic house cleaning, clean bathroom.

DCF & Cheshire Food Bank Back Packs (10 -  15 people)

This group will be filling 144 back packs with school supplies. Back packs will go to both the Waterbury DCF and the Cheshire Food Bank.

Hope Pregnancy Center (6 - 8 People)

110 Main Street Cheshire, CT.  This group  will help by power washing the front of the building and helping to weed their garden beds as well as mulch.  There may also be some inside help needed.

Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury (4 - 6 people)

This group will work on small painting projects and touch ups. Painting skills needed. If you have painting supplies, please feel free to bring them.

 Acts 4 Waterbury. (20 - 30 people)

This team will help sort items and prepare them for distribution in their boutique. Help clear out and organize the warehouse. No skills required. Some heavy lifting involved. But there is plenty to do for anyone at any age.

Totally Free Car Wash

We are offering a totally free car wash for the community. This will involved a number of people washing vehicles and drying them.

Set up food pantry (up to 6 People)

This group will work on setting up the room at Cornerstone Church for a future food pantry. This will require moving items from the room to another location. Some heavy lifting involved. Cleaning the shelves and room for the food items.

Cheshire  Park & Rec Bathrooms.

This group will be painting the men's and ladies  bathrooms at cheshire park. May require some ladder climbing Painting skills needed.

Bartlem  Park, Cheshire, CT (6 - 8 People)

Paint storage container and clear over growth near the container.

Beacon Falls Home (6 people)

Home repairs and yard work needed for a mom of 3 kids. Some repair skills needed.

Hamden Home (Full/Not available)

An elderly couple needs help with small project stacking wood.


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