Food Drive

June 21, 2020 8:30am

Address: Cornerstone Church | Cheshire, 1146 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, Cheshire, CT US 06410

Contact: Janine Mahan e

We are collecting items to help meet the needs at the Cheshire Food Pantry (now extended through August 9th). Please help us shower them with blessings. We are collecting food and other items every Sunday.

Clean out your cupboards of items you overbought, won’t use or can spare. Shop for sales and specific items on the following list. Truly, anything you purchase for your own family would bless another in need. Ask your friends and neighbors to clean out and bring it all to church!

  • canned food-think easy, lunch type foods like Chef Boyardee, soups, mac & cheese dinners etc
  • cereals
  • canned/cups of fruit
  • bottled water
  • mac & cheese
  • kids snacks-pre-packaged/individual portion packages are best
  • microwaveable shelf stable meals-Dinty Moore etc
  • canned meats
  • frosting
  • personal care items-toothbrushes/paste, shampoo, ladies items, shave cream, razors, hair spray, lotions, sunscreen
  • paper goods-paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates napkins
  • cleaning supplies-sanitizing products, hand sanitizer, wipes, dish soap, (small) laundry detergent

 A couple of guidelines:

 They prefer items that haven’t expired, think small packaging so they can give to more families unless it is pre-packaged within a large Costco or BJs type pack. No open items unless the inner items are sealed in original packaging. (For example, you purchased a package of granola bars (individually packed inside box). Box is opened but you decided you don’t care for them. They welcome granola bars that are individually sealed even if box is open or missing.

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