Cornerstone’s Men’s Ministry is designed to empower men to become better Christian men and therefore better husbands, fathers, and citizens. We hold regular meetings on Wednesday mornings and evenings. The goal of these meetings is to help Cornerstone men find common ground with one another to establish smaller groups of 2-3 men. These smaller groups help ensure accountability as well as ensure that men are able to connect with each other in times of need. We want to empower men to be able to use their God-Given skills and talents to help others and their church.

To find out more about Cornerstone’s Mens Coordinator, contact Kevin Mahan using the links on the right.

Kevin Mahan

Men's Team Leader

Our Vision


A strong Cornerstone Men’s Ministry will:

  • Make better, more grounded Christian Men
  • More grounded Christian men make stronger husbands, sons, brothers, friends and employees
  • Stronger Christian men make more loving men
  • Loving Men make more Godly neighbors
  • Godly neighbors make better citizens
  • Better Citizens form the foundation of a God Fearing Nation