Jun 8, 2020 |

    Dear Cornerstone Family!

    We continue to monitor updates from our national and local leaders as well as the CDC that will help all of us participate in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The White House and health officials continue to urge everyone to practice safe distancing protocols to try to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. 

    Cornerstone Small Groups face-to-face meetings will continue to meet online for now. While this creates some challenges for us as a congregation, it also opens up new opportunities for us to stay connected through social media, FaceTime, conference and Zoom calls. 

    Even though restrictions are being loosened, we want to urge you to continue to pray earnestly for one another, encourage one another and care for one another by checking in on each other weekly. We also want you to heed the guidelines set forth by health officials. This is one way we can all participate to slow and hopefully stop this very contagious virus. 

    We also want to thank you for your faithfulness in giving. While we're not meeting physically, your generosity is a blessing to Cornerstone and our missionary staff serving around the world. To give online, please click here or on the link below. You can also give through the Cornerstone app, which you can get through App Store on your device.

    Here are a few things to consider as well as expect when you return:

    1. Self Screen. If you or a member of your family is showing any symptoms such as fever (100.4 degrees or higher), cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, have been in close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more, with or without a mask) with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home and participate online. Even mild symptoms can indicate the virus. We also urge you to quarantine for 14 days prior to coming to church.
    2. Make A Reservation.  Prior to attending service you will need to make a reservation. Please remember to include the entire number of people in your family who will attend. Reservations will open on Mondays at 1:00pm.
    3. Arrive 10 Minutes Early. It is best to arrive 10 minutes early to make sure that you can "check in" and get to the sanctuary to enjoy the service. 
    4. A Touch-less Experience. We will be doing everything we can to make this a touch-less experience from the doors to the offering to online bulletins and giving. Basically, you won't have to touch anything.
    5. Masks & Hand Sanitizer. All staff and volunteers will be wearing masks. Unless there is a medical reason not to wear one, we are asking everyone who attends to wear a mask as well. Masks should be worn at all times while inside the church building. If you have a mask, please bring it with you. We will provide them if you need one. There will also be hand sanitizer stations available throughout the building and at the point of entrance. 
    6. Limited Ministries. At this time our kids programming will remain closed. Mom and/or dad if you plan to attend in-person services, please plan accordingly. You can bring something for them to do as long as it is not a distraction to others. We will continue to offer kids programing on-demand. You can watch weekly lessons here.
    7. No Cafe or Hospitality. We also will delay the opening of the cafe and other hospitality ministries. That means no coffee available here at the church. Please take note of that. :-) The number of things that will be available will be limited to those that are essential.
    8. Different Entry & Exit Points. For now, people will enter through the Launch Pad entrance (look for the "Welcome Back" banners) and exit through main doors. As with masks, if there is a reason that you cannot enter and exit this way, we will accommodate your needs.
    9. A Shortened Service. You can expect a shortened service. We are considering a service between 55 - 60 minutes. This is so that we will have enough time between service to sanitize main areas.
    10. Social Distancing. We will be operating on the CDCs guidelines of physical distancing. This means maintaining a space of 6 feet from others. Chairs in the sanctuary will be set up to accommodate those protocols. Families will be able to sit together. Please remember to keep 3 chairs between you and the next non-family person. If we need to rearrange chairs to do that we certainly can. 
    11. Consider Hosting A Watch Party. Restrictions for social gatherings has changed to 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors. With the warmer weather and looser restrictions, please consider inviting friends from church to gather with you to worship together. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Pastor Rich at

     These are some of the things that you can expect as we re-open. We are asking that you be patient with us as we figure this out. Changes are bound to occur and no one really knows what to expect as things open up. So once again, your patience and prayers are greatly appreciated. 

    If you are not comfortable attending at this point, we totally understand. You can continue to participate online each Sunday. You are a member of the Cornerstone family no matter where you choose to attend.

     We are also asking that you show great patience and grace to one another. We are a diverse congregation with differing opinions about COVID-19. What we need is grace and patience and wisdom as we move forward together. Thank you for that in advance!!

     The Cornerstone Team.

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